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PHOTOS: Kip Fulbeck presents The Hapa Project

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January 17, 2012


A very lively crowd attended this event hosted at MOCA in Chinatown. Beatrice Chen, Director of Education and Programs at MOCA welcomed the audience. Keara Duggan, BHS’s Public Programs and Communications Manager, introduced the event and welcomed moderator Ken Tanabe, founder of Loving Day, and artist Kip Fulbeck.

Kip Fulbeck talked about his photography, performance, and installation work and his experiences growing up hapa in the 1960s-70s.

He also expressed how important it is that the people participating in his projects identify and describe themselves in their own words, he does not impose a definition of hapa identity. For example, children do not revert to race when you ask them to talk about themselves through questions such as “What are you?”

All photos by Willie Davis.