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Interracial Brooklyn
This chart shows details about the racial mixes of the 21,440 interracial marriages in Brooklyn. CLICK TO ENLARGE
Who comprises the interracial and interethnic married couples in Brooklyn in 2010?

The biggest number of interracial married couples in Brooklyn are Hispanic-white couples. There were 4,100 non-Hispanic white men married to Hispanic women in Brooklyn, and 3,700 non-Hispanic white women married to Hispanic men in Brooklyn in 2010

One interesting fact about gender and interracial marriage is that Asian-white intermarriage tends to be mostly Asian women and white men. Black-white intermarriage tends to be mostly black men and white women. This is true in Brooklyn and in the wider US as well. Part of the reason for the gender imbalance in Asian-white marriage is that an earlier generation of Americans who had access to Asia, mostly via business travel and the military, were almost all men. Social science has a harder time explaining why black men are so much more likely to marry white women than black women are to marry white men.


Source: American Community Survey of 2010, via ipums.org. Note: here whites, blacks, and Asians do not include Hispanics.


* There were no black women married to Asian men living in Brooklyn recorded in the 2010 ACS Survey, but there most probably were some such couples in Brooklyn in 2010. The ACS in 2010 was approximately a 1-in-90 survey, so measurement of small groups is not very accurate.

 The “All Interracial Marriage” category does not exactly equal the sum of all the individual types of interracial marriage, because the individual types of interracial marriage are each rounded to the nearest 100.