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Mixed Mondays Film Series - Toasted Marshmallows
Part 3 of Mixed Mondays film series is the first U.S preview of Toasted Marshmallows' documentary about mixed-race women in North America
Mixed Mondays Film Series - My Beautiful Laundrette
Part 2 of Mixed Mondays film series is Oscar-nominated My Beautiful Laundrette - about mixed, immigrant, and queer relationships in London
Marrying Out: Interfaith Marriage in Australia
a radio documentary by Siobhan McHugh
Race & Its Categories in Historical Perspective
Although this historical account of the construction of the race notion in the West is widely accepted, disagreement exists about whether it describes the only instance in which a human society invented a race-like belief.
Mixed Experience History Month 2014
Check in each weekday for a new profile by Heidi Durrow
Making Hispanics
How activists, bureaucrats, and media constructed a new American
On National Geographic's Prediction for 2050
Will increased racial mixing finally and permanently redefine how we imagine our racial identities?
1870's Interracial Couples
African-American / Irish couples in 1870s NYC via The New York Times
PHOTOS: Muslim And...? Portraits of American Muslims
Photos and report back from Muslim And...? event
Muslim And...? Portraits of American Muslims
Join us for a panel presentation and discussion about the long and diverse history of Islam in America.
Reflections on Critical Mixed Race Studies conference
Rita Kamani-Renedo reports back from Chicago
Asian-American Interracial Marriage Rates Bucking Trend
"For Asian-American Couples, A Tie that Binds"
Map of Surnames in US

Check out this map of common last names in the United States via National Geographic.