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Photos from 11th Annual Loving Day Flagship Celebration - NYC
Photos & updates from Loving Day flagship celebration - 2014
Mixed Mondays Film Series - Imitation of Life
Part 1 of our summer Mixed Monday film series is a 1959 Lana Turner classic - Imitation of Life
Loving v. Virginia in Historical Context
As important as Loving v. Virginia (1967) was, prohibitions on interracial marriage were in fact the last segregation laws to be invalidated. Loving reflected these broader political developments in the arena of race more than it caused them.
Race & Its Categories in Historical Perspective
Although this historical account of the construction of the race notion in the West is widely accepted, disagreement exists about whether it describes the only instance in which a human society invented a race-like belief.
Mixed Experience History Month 2014
Check in each weekday for a new profile by Heidi Durrow
On National Geographic's Prediction for 2050
Will increased racial mixing finally and permanently redefine how we imagine our racial identities?
The Heathen School
A new book about a 19th c. mission school & interracial marriages via NPR
1870's Interracial Couples
African-American / Irish couples in 1870s NYC via The New York Times
Who Coined the Term "Miscegenation"?
via Brooklyn Historical Society
"The tormented half-breed in film..."

INTERVIEWER JEN CHAU:            I want to talk a little bit about your thoughts about mixed-heritage identity now [2012]. 

Mixed Race Britain
Readers share thoughts on being mixed race in Britain via The Guardian
PHOTOS: Our Children Will Be President
What does this 1967 movie have to do with President Obama?